I Wish That I Knew What I Know Now When I Was Younger

This isn’t just a song title, it’s a truth about life. The band Faces knew what they were singing about when they included this song on their 1973 album Ooh La La.  A life crisis can lead to quick decisions—and sometimes that leads to regret.

At the time of the crisis, it can feel as if the looming problem blocks out all other concerns. Women may rush into a  quick action in spite of possible risks.  An unplanned pregnancy. Shock. Happiness. Sadness. Confusion. Extreme fear. Abortion obtained.

Many times, women think the worst of what they will experience takes place on the actual day of the abortion. What could be worse than going through with the physical procedure? Well, the emotional turmoil that can occur, weeks or years later, can be far worse than the physical recovery period after an abortion.

Abortion grief can prompt women into feelings of self-hatred causing them to seek comfort in desperate ways.  Drinking too much. Overeating. Abusing drugs. Hooking up with the wrong crowd. While some of these things may provide temporary relief from the grief, if the core issues are not addressed the hopelessness can remain.

Thankfully, there is hope and healing possible. Here is how a former Restore client described her journey of struggling with abortion grief into finding the support she needed:

“Before starting the Restore Program, I was really grieving over my abortion. I drank, hung out with the wrong crowds, and played around with guys in a physically intimate way to try to feel better about myself. After starting the Restore group, I really began to breakdown and see the situation for what it was. Truth is what I needed. I realized I was not the only young lady who has struggled with life after an abortion. Now that I finished the group, I would really love to volunteer with Restore in any way I can to offer another lady the same comfort, love, and support I received from this group. This group was absolutely AMAZING!!!” Dayna, 24 years old

If you are struggling with the emotional turmoil from a previous abortion, don’t wait any longer. Contact Restore today. We would like to help.