Coping With Nightmares After an Abortion

Dreams sometimes awaken us to a part of ourselves we may want concealed. When dreams take the form of a nightmare, our mind may be forging a connection between us, and a piece of us that needs to heal. If you have complicated feelings about a past abortion, perhaps this conflict is appearing in your dreams, disrupting your sleep cycle and leaving you with feelings of anxiousness when you wake up. While your nightly subconscious may be providing you with insight into emotions you might have kept buried, it can be hard to sort through the meanings behind these visions alone.

The decision to have an abortion can lead some women to struggle with regret, sadness, and ambivalence about their choice. Having nightmares about it may be your way of attempting to make sense over what transpired, and bring yourself to a place of coping. Dreams can serve as a gateway to the past, and if the memories of your abortion are manifesting in your sleep, it may be helpful to talk with someone who can help you achieve a sense of renewal when you’re awake.

By surrounding yourself with a supportive environment in your waking hours, the negative emotions that may be crafting your nightmares can be diminished. Finding help during the day for your dreams can assist you in building a solid base of hopeful feelings to improve the content of your dream. By investing your energy in restoring yourself, you can mend the inner wounds that may be interfering with your sleep. Through compassionate support, you can take steps toward regaining control of your nocturnal visions.

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