Accepting Grief as a Normal Part of Abortion Recovery

As Tina looked in the mirror, she could not believe how different she looked and felt. Not only did she look physically tired, but she constantly battled guilt, sadness, and anger. It had been one year since her abortion and she was just starting to come to terms with what had happened. She wondered if her life would ever get back to normal.

Grief and Emotional Suffering

Grief occurs when a significant loss is felt and can even occur due to experiencing abortion. Emotions such as anger, guilt, shame, sadness, and depression can all be symptoms of grief. When these emotions strike, they can make a woman feel overwhelmed and create a new “crisis” in her life.

This is especially true when a woman is not able to share her emotions following abortion and this can prolong the grieving process. It is important that, during this time of grief, the woman is able to seek the help of compassionate people who can offer a safe and nonjudgmental environment for her to share her abortion experience and find healing.

Find Support

Often, allowing others to come alongside of you during difficult times can help you heal more quickly. When you have others involved, this can help you feel like you are not alone and feel more supported. When you allow compassionate people to listen to your story, they can help you break through the grief.

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