Abortion Seemed Like the Smartest Choice. So, Why Do I Feel Bad About It?

Have you experienced an unexpected pregnancy in your past?  At the time of your pregnancy decision, did abortion appear to be your most sensible pregnancy option?  Maybe it seemed like the best thing for your mental health, the clearest route back to normalcy, or the only way to avoid any number of challenges that adoption or parenting may have involved.  Many women who are dealing with the stress of an unexpected pregnancy go through a similar thought process.  But some who have an abortion find that their feelings about this decision turn out different than expected after that choice has been made.

Perhaps you’re having negative feelings about a past decision to terminate a pregnancy.  You may be questioning why you feel bad about a choice that seemed like your smartest, most logical option at the time.  Maybe you’ve also received feedback that abortion would be the best thing for your health and future… that you’d make a quick emotional recovery.  This could be adding to your confusion. The truth is, many women (and their partners) experience symptoms of post-abortion stress.  Here are a few common ones.

  • Guilt and shame
  • Emotional numbness
  • Sadness and grief
  • Anger
  • Regret
  • Feelings of hopelessness

Sometimes, these emotions are subtle, lingering beneath the surface.  Other times, they occupy substantial mental energy and have harmful impacts on day-to-day life.  Every post-abortion process is unique (just like every unexpected pregnancy situation).  But if you’re having these feelings, and they’re not going away, it may be important to acknowledge that you need some emotional healing and to begin that process.

Restore After Abortion exists to meet women and men in that very place.  We’re a free post-abortion recovery program that’s dedicated to helping individuals who’ve had a difficult abortion experience discover hope and purpose.  Restore is a safe space to process your past and explore the reasons why your abortion has impacted you the way that it has.  We’re here to support you throughout your healing journey. 

Reach out to schedule an appointment!  We offer opportunities to meet with a leader individually or with a group, virtually or in-person.