Abortion Discussions








Women who contact Restore often ask, “I feel so uncomfortable when the topic of abortion is discussed. What can I do?”

You’re at a party with friends and the subject of abortion comes up. At the dinner table with family someone mentions a story about abortion in the news. Perhaps abortion gets assigned as a paper topic at school. You feel awkward. How should you react?

Many women who are struggling with a past abortion may find themselves in these situations and are not sure how to manage their emotions.

When no one else knows, you may be worried that your reaction will give your secret away. If some people know, you may worry that they will give you away by an unconsidered word or look. You may feel anxious, nervous, or panicked.

People speak passionately from all sides and you might feel stuck in the middle. Some comments from friends, family, or classmates can feel intimidating or hurtful. You may be concerned that if you speak up you’ll say the wrong thing but if you stay quiet someone will notice that something is wrong.

If you are feeling these emotions when you hear others talk about abortion, it may be a sign you still need to walk through a healing process for yourself. Contact Restore today to talk with our compassionate staff about our post abortion recovery services which can help you get on the path to healing.