It’s Not Like That: Signs of Denial

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Everyone goes through denial at some point. In the short term, it allows people to get some psychological distance from traumatic news or experiences. Mayo Clinic warns, however, that when denial sticks around it may prevent people from getting the help they need.

Since denial can be both conscious and unconscious, it can be hard to tell if you might be in denial. See if any of these statements sound familiar:

1) Defying the consequences-“I didn’t do anything wrong.”

2) Blocking – “I don’t have any bad feelings.”

3) Suppression- “I won’t think about it.”

4) Defending or excusing-“I had no other choice.” Or “It was the right thing to do in my life.”

5) Blameshifting- “It was someone else’s fault.”

If you’ve identified within yourself that you may be experiencing some of these feelings, then you may be in denial about what you went through.

Some factors that are particular to abortion make it especially difficult to move on from denial.

• Friends may challenge someone who is denying a health crisis, but many women don’t talk with their friends about their abortions. Other people may not be able to help you recognize your denial.

• Similarly, if you think you’re the only one who ever experienced grief or regret after an abortion, it can be hard to accept the denial feelings as valid. Isolation makes the denial statements seem true.

• Someone facing a financial crisis could ask around for a credit counseling service or a financial planner. Someone facing a health crisis would visit their doctor. But someone struggling with past abortions might not know where to turn for help.

Now that you’ve found Restore After Abortion, you know that others also experience sadness after an abortion. It’s more common than you might think. You know now that there is a place that can help.

If you’ve recognized that you’re using denial to cope with painful feelings after an abortion, you’ve already taken the first step. For more guidance in processing your feelings, or to address denial is affecting your everyday life, call Restore today.