A Restore Client Story: Rebekah

Group support in the midst of dealing with life choices and consequences can be a lifeline.. There’s something about having the opportunity to connect with others who are going through a similar experience that can be so healing.  As one Restore client who recently finished our program said,

I came to Restore because I wanted a place to feel and grieve my abortion experience. I am very glad I went through the program. Having a set schedule and needing to address different aspects of the experience each week was very helpful for me. It gave guidance to my healing journey and kept it from being as overwhelming as I feared. I really appreciated the connection with the other ladies in the group, both leaders and “clients”.  I liked that my group’s leader was so calm, accepting, and open with us. Also, my group’s co-leader was caring and her insights were very helpful; I was so blessed by her involvement in our group.  Lastly, it was hugely helpful for me to have others to share with who understood where I was coming from. ~ Rebekah, Age 50

If you or someone you love is struggling with the grief and emotional pain of a prior abortion, please contact Restore After Abortion today at 630-599-0043 (text or call). We can help you to get on the road to healing.