A Client Story

sunset-815270_960_720Many women come to Restore because they feel alone and are unable to process through all of the difficult emotions following an abortion.  Here is one woman’s experience of how she found the support she needed.

Anonymous, Age 26:

In her own words, she explains how she felt before coming to Restore:

“I felt conflicted. I chose to end the pregnancy but I felt that I lost the thing I loved the most. I felt alone like no one else could relate to this. I felt bitter towards myself and my boyfriend. I was depressed.”

After getting into a Restore group, she explains her experience and how beneficial it was for her:

“When I joined the Restore group I learned that I wasn’t the only one who felt this way. Hearing other people’s stories showed me that while every story is unique, there are always things that remind me of my own story. The program was completely worth it. I was able to work through a lot of emotions I had been suppressing for years. I thought it was good that it was an open, honest, & non-judgmental environment. I received peace and forgiveness.”

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