What is Anger?

clouds-194840_640 Cara pic possibilityPeople experience anger every day. But what is anger? Anger is a feeling that involves our minds, thoughts, and physical bodies. It is a response to a situation that causes us to feel pain or hostility. Anger can be directed at another person, at an event or situation, or even at one’s self.

Most people admit to viewing anger as a negative emotion. Anger can cause negative outcomes, but it can also provide insight and motivation, if directed in the correct way. If we let our anger control us, it has the opportunity to spiral us downwards. However, if we take charge of our anger by avoiding negative actions, recognizing the points of distress, and by finding healthy and positive ways to confront that distress, we can find a sense of closure and peace.

People recovering from an abortion often say they feel angry. They may be angry at themselves, at God, or at others who were involved in their decision. They may feel conflicted or guilty about being angry. Restore can help people understand anger related to an abortion so they can make positive choices and find peace. If you’d like to learn more about how Restore can help, please contact us.