What Are You Escaping From After Abortion?

Have you ever avoided discussions, people, or places because they would trigger old memories or thoughts you didn’t want to deal with? Although avoidance can help you to sidestep a difficult moment temporarily, it usually doesn’t work well over the long term as these situations happen more frequently. This can be true when experiencing post abortion stress and trying to use avoidance as a coping strategy. After struggling for a time using avoidance, one typically will get tired of it and seek a more “permanent solution” in dealing with these difficult triggering events. It is usually at this time, that counseling or support programs are sought.

By talking through your abortion experience and working through the complicated emotions, one can conquer the triggers over time and get to a place of healing. If you or someone you love needs support in this area, please contact Restore After Abortion. We can help you navigate the painful emotions within an environment of nonjudgmental, compassionate support. Please call/text 630-599-0043 or email care@restoreafterabortion.com today. We are here because we care.