Under 20 and Recovering from an Abortion

Are you a teen coping with post-abortion stress?  If so, you’ve probably wrestled with some very difficult, very adult aspects of life for someone of your generation.  Maybe you’re struggling with feelings of grief, shame, or emotional numbness after deciding to end a pregnancy.  Post-abortion stress can negatively impact many components of a person’s life, like her mental health, self-image, relationships, or spiritual wellness.  That isn’t always the case.  Every person’s response to every abortion experience is unique.  However, symptoms like these are common.  And recovering from an abortion under the age of twenty may come with some particular challenges.  Restore After Abortion exists to foster hope and healing in the middle of these difficult circumstances.

Restore has been offering free post-abortion support to persons in our Chicagoland, Illinois community and beyond for over twenty years!  We provide a customized approach to help you process the past, find peace in the present, and step into a positive future.

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The post-abortion recovery process can be challenging at any age.  So, what factors are unique for someone who’s under twenty?  If you’re a teen, you’re likely entering a new season of significant personal change and growth.  You’re figuring out who you are and what you’re about.  You’re transitioning into adulthood (physically, mentally, etc.), possibly moving toward greater independence, and casting a vision for your future.   This may be a very formative phase of life for you.  Post-abortion stress can set a negative tone during a time when it’s especially important to have healthy self-esteem, energy, and a positive outlook for the future.

Chances are, you have a lot of life yet to live.  Undealt with post-abortion stress can sometimes linger beneath the surface or effect day-to-day emotional wellness long after the pregnancy has ended (again, the post-abortion recovery process is different for everyone).  This is not said to scare or discourage you, but to encourage you that now is an ideal time to begin your healing process.  Don’t carry unresolved emotional pain into your future.  Accept and address it today, so you can move forward feeling hopeful and supported.  This approach could have a positive impact on your day-to-day functioning, mentality, relationships, and goals as you continue your life journey.

It’s never too late to seek and find healing from a difficult abortion experience.  Addressing post-abortion stress is key at any age, no matter how many years have passed.  But if you’ve had a difficult abortion experience early in life, getting timely help could make a world of difference long-term. 

Reach out to Restore and get connected with a teen support group or one-on-one leader.  Every person is fully capable of forging a positive path for herself, regardless of age or life experience, and you’re no exception.  You’ve got this!