Un-happy Holidays

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Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and other yearly celebrations are meant to be happy occasions to look forward to. We mark them on our calendars and get excited as the dates come closer.

However, for those with past abortions, holidays and celebrations might be a struggle. Instead of being able to focus on the happy occasion, these times can bring up intense feelings of regret.

And it’s not just widely-celebrated holidays that can be troubling. Many women with a past abortion or abortions find it hard to cope with the anniversary of the abortion date(s). Try as hard as they might to forget the past, a calendar date can bring up all the emotions and experiences of the day of the procedure all over again. Sometimes it’s the same with the anniversary of the expected due date.

It’s common for women to feel anxious, sad, or depressed leading up to or on these dates. Their regrets and the “what ifs” can be overwhelming. These feelings make it hard to focus on their lives around those dates. Some women experience more flashbacks or nightmares near the date of a significant anniversary. They may find it difficult to attend birthday parties of friends or family with children, wondering what it would have been like to be able to throw a party for the child they lost.

Perhaps you are experiencing these emotions yourself. You can feel the date looming in the back of your mind, and despite your best efforts, it is hard to deal with the flashbacks and regret you may be feeling around those days. Those around you might not understand why you feel sad or anxious during that particular time of the year.

If you are struggling with painful memories of past abortions, call Restore today. A compassionate peer counselor will help you learn how to cope with yearly reminders of past abortions and begin a process of healing—so you can thrive all year long.