Telling Yourself the Truth

woman thinking







That wasn’t so bad, you thought.

Walked in, walked out. This was what you wanted. It had to be done. Nobody was hurt, you can move on with your life. You feel relieved and guilt free.

Or do you?

Perhaps you didn’t think too much of how you would feel after it was done. Beforehand, you just knew that it had to get done. It just wasn’t the right time.

Yet after the fact, doubt starts to creep in.

It might not happen right away.

It could even be years after.

Maybe a friend or family member confronted you about your abortion in a negative way. Maybe you heard something on TV or read something online that caused you to think twice about what happened back in the abortion clinic.

No, you tell yourself. I needed to do it. It was my only choice.

Over time, you find yourself second guessing your actions more and more. It may not even have been brought on by anyone or anything else, but you start reliving exactly what you went through. You wanted to put it behind you and just move forward, but it’s turning out to be more difficult to do than you initially thought.

Instead, you find you have to constantly convince yourself you made the right choice. Somehow, the doubt keeps coming back to haunt you, and you can’t shake it off.

You feel like you might need to be truthful with yourself, but aren’t sure how. You feel confused. You thought you weren’t supposed to be struggling with your abortion.

These confusing and conflicting emotions can build over time, and when not dealt with, can eventually lead to emotional, physical, spiritual, and relational problems. Unprocessed, it can lead to bitterness and self-destructive habits.

If you are experiencing anxiety over second guessing your decision and are having trouble processing what you went through, contact Restore today. We offer free non-judgmental peer counseling to help you heal through those emotions and help you to get back on track to living a life of peace.