Someone, Please Send Me a Time Machine!

time machineHave you ever wished you had a time machine and were able to go back in time to reverse some of your most regretful decisions? I know I do.

Maybe you have been there. You are trying to live in the present but your thoughts keep turning back to the past. Past failures. Past regrets. Thinking about all the what-if’s. 

  What if I hadn’t  let our relationship get so serious?

  What if I hadn’t chosen abortion and just continued the pregnancy?

  What if I didn’t let my fears get in the way of getting help for my abortion?

In the article, “People CAN Change Their Past–Put Mistakes Behind You,” Amy Anderson explains we actually do have the power to change the past by making choices today that will make us proud tomorrow. She writes,

“Every day that goes by us becomes a part of our past history. Whatever we do today will become a part of our past tomorrow, which means we do have the power to change our past by doing the right things today. Today we have the ability to continue building on our past story, and that gives us the power to modify that story into one we can be proud of.  It’s important to remember that the whole of our past is far more powerful than any of its parts.”

So, the next time you find yourself dwelling on your past, remember to focus on what you can do today to make your future better.

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