Reconciling With a Past Abortion Decision

Buried deep inside and hidden from view may be conflicted feelings about an abortion you had in your past. Perhaps you’ve also concealed it from those around you, preferring to keep this quiet pain you may feel a secret. Concealing emotions such as grief or sadness can lead to moments of temporary reprieve, but finding a remedy for these sentiments can be difficult when we attempt to hide them from even ourselves.

Grief is something that is often experienced in two parts. It may begin with a sense of loss, as perhaps you felt a sense of mourning after your abortion. This is the part you may try to run from, as it may bring tears and rob you of your breath. But the second part cannot happen without passing through the first, as this phase brings reconciliation, and a light to cast out the darkness of depression. Your abortion may have left a wound upon your heart that seems impossible to mend, but the hurt you feel cannot hold you forever.

Finding a sense of peace after your abortion does not necessarily mean you must force yourself to be content with everything that has happened in the past. But what can happen is an acknowledgment of what you perceive has been lost, inspiring a revelation that frees you from guilt or shame. The path towards reconciliation can be challenging, but know that it is not a journey you must set out on all alone.

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