Medical Abortion: Your Expectations Versus the Reality of the Experience

medical abortionIf you or someone you know has had a medical abortion, it is possible it turned out to be different than you or they expected it would be.

Often, women choose a medical abortion over a surgical abortion because they believe it will be more “natural” than a surgical procedure – more like a miscarriage.  The reality is that it can still be a difficult, painful, and traumatic experience.

Some opt for a medical abortion because it is not as an invasive procedure as the procedure for a surgical abortion. This is true. Still, many women later regret the abortion because they become deeply troubled by the fact that they took the pills themselves and induced it with their own hands. Instead of a doctor performing the procedure, they actually caused it themselves.

In most cases, a woman chooses abortion because she believed, at the time, that it was her best or only possible solution for her unplanned pregnancy. Whatever the circumstance, there is often some sense of regret or unhappiness that comes with making this decision. She may believe the emotional recovery from a medical abortion will be easier than from a surgical abortion. However, it can be a different reality: an experience that is not just easily dismissed and forgotten.

If you have had a medical abortion and are finding that it is not what you expected, are feeling troubled by emotional, relational, or even spiritual difficulties, and experiencing sadness, anger, regret, isolation, or other problems you did not have before, we are here to help you.

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