Is Abortion a Women’s Issue Only?

Going through an unexpected pregnancy is difficult. Any woman who has had to grapple with this situation is going to remember the moment when she asked herself where the baby’s father fit into the picture. That moment is the point where the myth that abortion is only a women’s issue promptly shatters. Abortion is not just about the women because it always involves more than one person. Often, women feel like they cannot keep a baby if the father is not around to help them. They may resent the lack of support. Other times, they are afraid to tell the father in case his ideas about the pregnancy may conflict with hers. Sometimes, women may feel this choice isn’t really up to the man. After the abortion, women may struggle with the double burden of keeping their secret and grieving the loss of their child.

For men, an unexpected pregnancy is the point where things get complicated. Sometimes, couples make their decision together. At other times, men look back with regret at a decision that might have turned out differently if they had been more supportive. Or, maybe he wanted to keep his child but his partner got an abortion anyways. This may make him feel helpless. Or, perhaps the man did not find out until after the fact that he lost a child to abortion. This discovery can be heartbreaking, particularly when a man tries to weigh in on an issue that absolutely affects him, but the woman may not want his input. The truth is, abortion can hurt both men and women. Both are forced to grapple with the difficult and, often, complicated consequences of this choice.

Both men and women can benefit from having someone to talk to about how abortion has impacted them. Post abortive support programs are designed to connect men and women to someone they can talk to in a safe, compassionate environment. Abortion is a common experience. No one should have to go through the consequences alone.

Hope and healing is possible after abortion. Please contact Restore After Abortion at 630-599-0043 to find out more about our free, compassionate, and nonjudgmental post abortion support. We are here for you.