Helping a Loved One Heal From Abortion

Watching someone we love suffer is heart-wrenching, especially when we know we want to help them, but we do not know how. When a loved one undergoes an abortion experience, she may feel pain and isolation, and she may rebuff attempts to talk about it in an attempt to avoid the issue. It may be tempting to tell her things like “you have to move on” or “it’s over now, why worry?” but this does not validate potential feelings of grief, nor does it provide her with the support she needs. So, what can we do? While there is no easy answer, here are some steps we can take:

Take the Time to Listen

As a loved one attempts to process the emotions behind her abortion experience, it is crucial she has a way to be heard. Be there for her when she needs to talk about her feelings, letting her know she has someone to support her after her abortion. She may be having doubts about her decision, but let her know there is a chance for her to move forward and find healing by taking the time to listen.

Research Support Groups

After taking the time to listen, see if there are some healing ministries or support groups she can join. Remember not to force her into them, but allow her to feel comfortable with the idea. There are some wonderful groups that can help her through the healing process by connecting her to people with shared experiences, helping her see she is not alone in her emotions.

Acknowledge the Feelings

Be open to potentially addressing your own feelings of grief if you were part of her abortion decision. As you help take care of her, consider undergoing a healing process yourself to cope with feelings of loss. While your journey towards rebuilding yourself may differ from hers, the path towards healing is one you can undergo together.

Reach out Today

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