Have You Felt Shame and Regret After Multiple Abortions?

Have you ever done something you later regretted and said to youself you will NEVER do that, again? But, then, you did it again? Now, layered on top of that regret, you may feel shame, too, because you did it twice or even more than that! This can happen with abortion. Maybe you were in a bad relationship with the first pregnancy and you felt abortion was your only option so you did it. You felt regret but were sure you would never choose that option, again. Then, when you found out you were pregnant a second time, there were new obstacles like finances so you had another abortion. Now, the regret is coupled with shame. You may be thinking, “How could I have let that happen, again?”

What do you do with the shame and regret emotions? Although it is common to feel these emotions after abortion, it can be hard to find someone to talk to who can help. Many times, if your close friends have not experienced abortion, you may not feel comfortable sharing your feelings due to them not being able to relate or for fear of judgment. It can be the same with your family members, too. This can cause you to feel lonely and isolated. You may withdraw from people close to you and avoid parties, especially if you would likely encounter those who are pregnant or have children because it will cause painful reminders of loss. You try to push down your painful feelings but it’s all you seem to think about.

How will you get through this? It can help to talk to someone who can understand what you are going through and assist with your healing process. Restore After Abortion provides confidential, compassionate, and nonjudgmental post abortion support. We can help you work through the painful reminders and get to a place of hope and healing. Please call or text 630-599-0043 today to start on the road to healing.