Has Your Spiritual Life Been Affected by Abortion?

spiritualAbortion and Spiritual Matters 

When I meet with clients, it gives me a chance to get to know them better and find out how they are doing. As they open up, it is common for clients to want to talk about how they are doing both physically and emotionally. But, sometimes, they also want to talk about their spiritual beliefs.

During these discussions, it is typical for me to hear things like, “I used to go to church a lot but, after having had that abortion, I don’t feel like I can step foot in a church again.” Or, “I used to pray to God and feel close to him but, now, I think he hates me for having had an abortion.”

When things happen in our lives, it can cause us to think about spiritual matters and question our beliefs.  You might be asking questions such as, “Why did God allow this to happen?” or, “Does God still love me after I had an abortion?” During the difficult times,  God can feel very far away or seem to have turned His back on you.

Additionally, if you did not have a faith background prior to the abortion, you may now find yourself wondering if there is really a God or an afterlife.

Questions About God

If you are struggling with questions about God or want to feel closer to Him, this may be the perfect time to seek out answers.  If you want to explore who God is and what the Bible says, consider these tips:

  • Talk to a pastor or visit a Christian church.
  • Read the Bible. You may want to try the New Living Translation (NLT) or New International Version (NIV).
  • Attend a Restore faith-based group.
  • Spend time in prayer.
  • Write down your spiritual journey in a journal.

How to Find Help After Abortion

If you are struggling with post abortion stress or have spiritual questions concerning your abortion, we would like to help. To talk to our caring and compassionate staff, please call or text Restore After Abortion at 630-599-0043.  All of our services are strictly confidential and offered at no cost to the participant.