Feeling Anxious as the Anniversary of My Abortion Approaches

Have you been wrestling with complex emotions surrounding a hard abortion experience from the time when you made this decision?  Maybe the six-month or one-year anniversary is coming up.  Perhaps the abortion happened decades ago, but some of the anniversaries have been difficult, and you think this next one might be, too.  The annual marker of any emotionally painful past event is bound to trigger a strong response.  But maybe uncomfortable feelings about your abortion- whether subtle or obvious- seem to follow you constantly.  If so, now is a good time to take steps toward healing.

It’s natural to feel anxious or sad as the anniversary of your abortion approaches.  Any experience that carries long-term emotional impact is sure to hold a lot of meaning for you.  Know that it’s possible to process these feelings and make sense of your past while recovering emotionally and spiritually.  That’s where Restore After Abortion comes in.  Our no-cost, confidential program helps women and men discover true healing that lasts.  We offer opportunities to engage in a structured book study with a highly-trained leader one-on-one, or within a support group setting.

The anniversary of an abortion can be a difficult day to face, and so can the days leading up to it.  Maybe the best way to begin your healing process is to acknowledge these painful feelings, then ask yourself if it’s time to address them by taking bolder steps.  Restore is here to support and encourage you as your journey continues!

Reach out to Restore today!  We’ve been partnering with individuals facing circumstances similar to yours for over twenty years, and we’d love come alongside you, too.