Coping with a Difficult Abortion Experience in Summer

This summer, does it feel like everyone’s having a great time except you?  Chances are, you’ve already seen numerous photos of your friends’ weekend adventures on social media, and heard all about your family members’ vacations. But maybe your energy (or lack thereof) doesn’t match their high spirits.  Maybe your true emotional state couldn’t be any more opposite to the warm, sunny weather outside.  Perhaps you’re feeling this way because you’re having a difficult time coping with an abortion in your recent or not-so-recent past.

Not everyone who goes through an abortion reports symptoms of post-abortion stress.  However, many people do struggle with this, and it can manifest itself in various ways.  Maybe you’re wrestling with sorrow, anxiety, guilt, or anger in the wake of a hard abortion experience.  This may feel subtle and “beneath the surface,” or it may be impacting your ability to function day-to-day.   Either way, the cheerful summer weather may be doing little to lift your mood.  Restore After Abortion is here for you!  We’ve been providing post-abortion support for over 20 years.  We’ve walked beside individuals facing situations like yours through countless seasons- of the calendar year, and of life.

Learn more about Restore and reach out to us today!  No matter when your abortion took place or what the circumstances were, we’re available to help you discover lasting healing and genuine hope.  It may feel like everyone else is having a great summer, but the truth is, you’re not alone.  A caring community is available to help you move from surviving to thriving.