Do You Need a Fresh Start After Abortion?

Has yesterday’s troubles made you feel like it is hard to imagine a bright future? Author Dagny Scott Barrios once said, “Every day is a fresh start. Don’t measure yourself by yesterday’s troubles.”

If you have experienced an abortion, whether recently or long ago, it can still hurt emotionally and affect how you function daily. It can even significantly impact how you view your present and future circumstances. If you can relate and are struggling to move forward in life, there are some things you can do that may help. First, take steps to get connected to extra, positive support. Some examples can be joining a support group, like what Restore After Abortion offers, and/or finding a trusted therapist to help you talk through your situation. Second, write down some short term and long term personal goals. This can help motivate you and direct your path to a healthy and attainable future. Third, make time to add in some extra fun and relaxation into your routine to help your mental health and allow you to feel healthier and stronger. Lastly, remember that it will take time to heal and give yourself grace if somedays you don’t feel much progress. You will get through it!

If you need a fresh start and help along the way, please reach out to Restore After Abortion. We provide a safe, confidential, and compassionate environment with volunteers ready to assist you. Call or text 630-599-0043 today to schedule an introductory consult.