Do You Have a Hope That Lights Your Path After Abortion?

Poem: “Hope Behind the Shadows of Pain”

In some people’s pretty eyes
There’s a great painful disguise,
Disguise that dressed their lonely heart
With devastating cuts that ever hurt.

Their smiles turned into sobs.
Their laughter turned into screams.
Their days turned into nights,
And their joys turned into sorrows.

But no matter what caused their pains,
They move forward as they wipe their tears,
For in every beat of a lonely heart
There is hope that lights the path.

In the poem, Hope Behind the Shadows of Pain by Shermain Joy Lipao, it talks about a “great painful disguise”  that covers the pain inflicted on some people’s hearts. Due to the pain they are suffering from, their smiles, laughter, and joys become sobs, screams, and sorrows. However, as the poem reflects at the end, these lonely people eventually find a hope that lights their paths.

When there is a struggle caused by the emotional pain of abortion, you may find yourself relating to the sentiments in this poem. Filled with grief, you may feel like the person you were before and the happiness you once enjoyed might never return.  It is in these moments life can feel very lonely and unpredictable.  So, what do you do? Who can understand what you are experiencing and help you navigate through it?

If you or a loved one is going through grief caused by abortion, you don’t need to suffer alone.  Please contact Restore After Abortion at 630-599-0043 today.  We can help guide you through the darkness of pain and onto the path to healing.  We are here to listen and help you get the post abortion care and support you need.


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