Coping with Feelings of Anger After an Abortion

angerStruggling with Anger

Some women may feel angry after their abortion. A post-abortive heart can be weighed down by many emotions, and your anger may be directed at loved ones who did not offer you an alternative to abortion. Or, you may feel resentful towards a friend or family member who pressured you into an abortion decision.

Allowing yourself permission to grieve can be a difficult process, and as complex emotions arise, finding the words to express yourself to your loved ones can be a challenge. You may blame them for not being available when you needed them to be, or for encouraging you to have an abortion. It’s possible the abortion has had an impact on your relationships and as your anger festers, you may be wondering how to release it.

Regardless of who may have been involved in your abortion decision, there’s a chance that your anger is coming from feelings of apprehension and doubt about the procedure you underwent. It may even be true that some of your rage is directed towards yourself, followed by feelings of anxiety, depression, and a sense of personal loss.

An abortion can lead to a struggle from within, but you do not have to wrestle with these difficult emotions alone. There is healing and compassion that can be obtained from those who know your story, as they have lived it before and can use their experience to uplift you. What is not present when you seek relief from your anger and other post-abortive emotions is judgment, as there is only hope in order to restore you.

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