A Story of Post Abortion Healing

Post abortion stress from an abortion can make it difficult for a woman to get through each day and to believe there is hope for tomorrow. Although she may want to escape the burden of the feelings she is experiencing, she may feel healing is nearly impossible.

For years, Restore has brought hope to those suffering from the effects of a previous abortion.  Recently, I received a letter from a recent Restore client who gave us permission to use her story which shows how she made it from the misery of post abortion stress to post abortion healing.

“Before Restore, I buried my abortion deep in my heart. I carried guilt, shame, and anger toward myself and mother. I thought if anyone knew, it would devastate me.  After going through Restore, I can now talk about my abortion with no shame or fear and can see that I can help others through their losses.”

—Jacqueline, Age 47