The Stress of an Abortion Secret

An abortion experience can facilitate change. Whether it was made recently or in the distant past, your abortion decision may have been made when you felt panicked or stressed. To soften the experience, some women segregate their loved ones from the abortion in order to protect their secret. But this means these women will often go through the changes their abortion brings in isolation.

You may feel different after exiting the abortion clinic, and there might have been pressure to conceal the abortion from your family or peers. This can lead to the creation of an emotional cocoon that can serve as a self-imposed prison. To forget their choice, some women may prefer to pretend their abortion decision never happened, and you may feel the emotional barricade you’ve constructed will dispel all of the hurt your abortion may have caused.

It may take time to trust others with your abortion story, as you may fear that speaking about it will resurrect your grief. While you may have worries about revealing your past abortion to a loved one, perhaps a team of compassionate individuals can ease your anxieties. A community consisting of others who can understand your grief and listen to the emotional exhaustion of your heart may bring you peace. No one is unworthy of healing, and a group whose goal is restoration from past abortion experiences may deliver unto you the confidence needed to talk about your abortion.

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