Suppressing Your Feelings About an Abortion

For some women, months or even years can go by without them ever acknowledging their feelings about a past abortion. This can be due to the difficulty of not wanting to share difficult memories from the past or believing if they do talk about it, the “emotional wound” will never heal. By not talking about the abortion or living in denial about it, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to get beyond it.

Rationalizing an abortion decision can be a way of attempting to suppress any lingering doubts there may be about the choice that was made. By asserting we’re fine, it’s easy to convince even ourselves that a problem does not exist. The insistence that everything associated with a past abortion was positive may allow for the abortion to be left in the past, withdrawing from thoughts that may encourage seeking healing.

Turning away from emotions we do not want to feel means we may tuck them somewhere into a deep corner of our mind, where they remain un-acknowledged. But just like any corner of the house that has not been swept out, the feelings make their presence known until we realize they must be cleaned out, not brushed off to the side. Taking a step towards healing can be frightening at first, and it may be a while before you’re ready. When the time feels right, know there are plenty of people willing to reach back should you reach out to them.

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