Steps Towards Finding Healing After an Abortion

Processing complicated thoughts and emotions you may have after an abortion can be a vulnerable experience. Perhaps you felt compelled to suppress feelings of grief or depression, but despite efforts to conceal them, they continue to resurface. You are not alone in these negative emotions, and recognizing the existence of a problem is often the beginning of restorative journey.

Acknowledge Your Emotions

The painful feelings tied to an abortion experience may have been tucked away somewhere in your mind, smoldering and growing in power as you fought to push them down. Accessing these old feelings can be seem like a frightening trek through a part of yourself you’ve worked hard to repress. But talking about this piece of yourself in a safe, supportive environment can strip these emotions of their power, releasing you from the grief of a past abortion.

Find Hope in Recovery

Long-term recovery can take time, but no one is undeserving of healing. There may be guilt about the decision you made in the past, but this does not mean the current you has a debt to pay. You are worthy of healing, and taking the first steps down this road leading to restoration can seem scary at first. But you are not alone, and there is hope for you to find healing by seeking comfort from those who have traveled down this road before, offering you guidance as you begin to relieve your mind and body from the burden of carrying such heavy emotions.

Reach Out Today

If you or someone you love needs help with processing through a past abortion, Restore can help. We provide confidential and nonjudgmental post abortion care for teens and adults at no cost. Begin your journey towards healing today. Call or text 630-599-0043.