“I Was Once You” Series: Healing is a Journey

My wounds are open.
My heart is broken.
But the healing has begun.
The future is waiting.
I have picked up the pieces,
and now I will be one.   ˜Unknown

I have heard many times in my life that, “Healing is a journey.” But what does that actually look like?  Is emotionally healing really possible after experiencing a life-altering event like an abortion?  How many months or years will it take? Will I ever feel back to normal?  What do I do or where do I go to get that healing?  These questions and others are commonly asked by those who are seeking help after abortion.

In our new upcoming blog series, I Was Once You, we will share several personal testimonies of women who were emotionally devastated following their abortions but, through a personal journey, found hope and healing in the Restore Program. We encourage you to read their stories and celebrate with us the lives that have been restored!

If you or someone you know has experienced an abortion and is looking for healing, we are here to help. Please call or text Restore at 630-599-0043 for more information about our compassionate and nonjudgmental post abortion support program.