Is Isolation Causing Abortion Memories to Resurface?

It is normal to feel stressed out as your usual routine gets shattered. Social distancing is not fun and we are all struggling with isolation right now. Sometimes, memories resurface you never wanted to face. Maybe you are finding yourself wondering over and over again through the thought cycles¬† you know are not good for you. What-if’s can repeat themselves until they become toxic. You try distracting yourself. You try simply using willpower to make negative emotions go away. You try reminding yourself the coulda, woulda, shoulda’s aren’t helping. But, eventually, you realize you have done all of this before and, if it has not helped yet, it is not going to help now.

Maybe it is time to try something different.

Talking about a past abortion can be rough. It can be hard to schedule an appointment to discuss something maybe you have never told anyone. Or, maybe, you do not want to acknowledge the choices you made when you were young and confident turned out to be more painful than you thought. But, if it was an easy solution, then it would not be helpful. Maybe you need to be able to sit down in a group and hear other women describe their experiences to realize you are not alone. Or, maybe, you know yourself well enough to realize you need a one-on-one discussion to work through your feelings and find a healthy sense of balance again. Even if you cannot physically walk through anyone’s door, there are still opportunities to connect online. Try scheduling a virtual appointment today.

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