I Knew I Was a Mess and Wanted a Program Specific to Abortion Recovery

Tanya* knew she could no longer continue living in the sorrow she was feeling.  As the first anniversary of the abortion approached, she knew she was a mess. She said,

As the first anniversary of my abortion neared, I knew I was a mess. I was struggling, felt lost, and even called off work many times. I realized I needed a program geared towards abortion and not just therapy for all I went through. Fortunately, Restore After Abortion offered that type of program and it had a structure, plan, and group opportunities. It was key for me to have a group to share our different stories. During the program, I began to feel more and more myself: calm, in control, and happy.

When you are facing a new challenge, it can be confusing to know where to turn to get the best  help in your situation. Typically, people struggling with difficult emotions after one or multiple abortions may seek “therapy” but find their therapist does not have the specific skills needed to help in this area. Thankfully, Restore After Abortion has a specific program to help participants effectively process through the challenging emotions after abortion and get to a place of healing. We offer individual and small group support led by caring, compassionate volunteer leaders. They are there because they care and want to walk alongside others, assisting every step of the way. Contact Restore After Abortion at 630-599-0043 (text or call) or book a free consult directly on our website at  https://restoreafterabortion.com/966-2/.  All of our services are free and strictly confidential.


*Name has been changed to protect privacy.