Do You Find Yourself Avoiding Babies or Baby Showers?

babiesNervously, Molly walked into her cousin’s party hoping there wouldn’t be a bunch of kids or babies there. It seemed like after her abortion, every time she saw a baby in public or on TV she felt a horrible pain of emptiness that plagued her.  “How am I going to get away from them?” she thought to herself. Too late. Just then, Cassandra arrived with her 5 month old and happily handed her over to Molly. “Can you watch her for a bit while I go unload these presents from my car?” Unconvincingly, Molly mumbled “sure.” As Molly sat there with the 5 month old, she couldn’t help but feel an intense discomfort as the baby shifted in her arms and made cooing sounds.

Soon, flashbacks of the abortion clinic made their way into Molly’s mind. All those women sitting stoically in the waiting room. The nurses calling out women’s names that seemed as cold as the tiled floor. The noises and crying coming from the patient rooms.  A feeling like she wanted to run away but, at the same time, knew she had to go through with her “choice.”

Soon enough, Cassandra came back to claim her daughter and Molly was, once again, all by herself. Jolted by the experience, Molly made an excuse to her cousin and exited quickly.

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