Coming to Terms with Your Choice

choiceGetting home after the abortion procedure at the clinic, you kept telling yourself, “Even though this was a horrible experience, I know it was the right choice for me. I bet, in a few days, I’ll feel much better and this will all feel like just a dream. I can’t wait to get back to my normal life.”

At first, right after the abortion, you were pleasantly surprised about how relieved you felt. The fear, anxiety, and panic was gone and you started to move on with your life in order to get back to “normal.”

As the days and weeks went by, however, new thoughts started playing in your mind:

“Was this really the right choice?”
“Why didn’t I take my time with this decision?”
“How come I’m not feeling ‘better’ by now?”

Beforehand, you didn’t think much about how the abortion might affect you. At the time, you were so scared and panicked about the unplanned pregnancy. All you could think about was that you knew abortion was the right choice. It needed to be done.

But, soon after the relief, other emotions surfaced that you probably weren’t expecting.  Emotions like anger, regret, sadness, and hopelessness. During the day, you discovered you were uncomfortable seeing pregnant women or babies because it triggered painful memories.  At night, you had trouble sleeping due to nightmares or just having crying episodes.  Then, you became scared and panicked, again.

At some point, though, you may have come to the realization this is not going to get any better without someone’s help and are now searching for support.    

If you are experiencing any of these painful emotions after going through with an abortion and need help, call or text Restore today at 630-599-0043. Our compassionate and nonjudgmental staff are waiting to help you get to a place of peace and healing in your life.