Abortion Methods – Their Effect on You


If you have experienced an abortion, you have faced and made challenging decisions. After the difficult determination that an abortion was what you needed to do – that it was the correct decision at that time — you had to decide which of the available abortion methods you would elect.

Many women evaluate which kind of procedure will seem easier or less painful to them. Perhaps a medication abortion seemed more natural or less invasive than a surgical abortion. Perhaps you thought that being unconscious for a surgical abortion would feel less personal and you would better have the ability to distance yourself from it.

Or maybe you didn’t think much about the abortion methods. Feeling that an abortion was your only option at that time, it’s possible the method didn’t much matter.

Whether it was the pill or the surgery, many women find that there was more pain involved than they anticipated. More than just physical pain. It’s possible you still experience post-abortion pain in some non-physical way – emotionally, relationally, or spiritually. You are not alone. Many others have found themselves in this situation.

If this is the case for you, we want to walk with you, to assist you in post-abortion healing. We hope you will allow us to serve you.

Restore helps those for whom the lingering effects of abortion continue to cause pain. Restore provides free confidential post-abortion care and support services to all individuals after abortion experiences. Restore After Abortion serves DuPage County, Illinois and surrounding communities. Please call today for a free, confidential consultation.