A Restore Client Story

After going through an abortion, many women describe feeling trapped in an emotional darkness that is difficult to get out of by themselves. Recently, a client shared her experience of going through a Restore group and how she found that “light at the end of the tunnel” of emotional pain.…

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Signposts: A Broken Promise

a broken promise

After the first abortion many women make themselves a promise: “never again.” It was the best decision at the time, but in the future–they resolve–things will be different. But the emotions that follow an abortion can be complex. Sometimes those emotions cause women to choose behaviors that make it hard…

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Signposts: Parenting Challenges

parenting challenges

  Being a parent is not an easy role. Even knowing that no one can do it perfectly, we try hard to get it right. If you have experienced an abortion, there may be a lingering emotional impact that can make parenting even more challenging. If you have children now,…

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Signposts: Change in Relationships

If you have experienced an abortion, your perspectives and attitudes may change – even in your relationships. Are there ways in which you’re feeling different about yourself or others? Have you noted changes in your attitude toward relationships with others? Do you find yourself avoiding relationships, trying to keep yourself…

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A Story

There’s a reason why individuals, families, and even entire cultures preserve and share stories. It’s part of our human nature to want to be connected with each other. Through stories, we can establish and strengthen connections, teach and learn, and sometimes find meaning and comfort during challenging times in our…

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After Abortion Support Joins Instagram

After Abortion Support

A recent Guttmacher Institute Fact Sheet reports: “At current rates, about three in ten American women will have had an abortion by the time she reaches age 45.”*  Abortion is an experience many of us have shared.  Unfortunately, post abortion support is not as widespread. At Restore After Abortion, we…

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Signposts: Fear of Infertility

fear of infertility

    Many women who choose abortion say they would like to have a child or children some day. It just wasn’t the right time then, or not the right person. The circumstances were compelling and you made the best decision you could. Some women feel stuck with the “what-ifs”…

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Signposts: Unforgiveness

My friend was 20 when she had an abortion—and we are in our 30s now so this was a while ago! When we were talking about it she described how her boyfriend said they should abort, and it made sense at the time so she agreed and got the abortion—but…

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  “Signposts” Are Normal Reactions to Abnormal Circumstances Sometimes we face experiences that are too difficult and powerful to handle the way we manage the regular stresses of life. I’m thinking of things like natural disasters, sexual abuse, or military combat. After experiencing an unusually difficult event—including abortion— people need…

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